About Tokyo

I know how the world is looking at us now. Due to this nuclear disaster, we're considered one of the most dangerous country in the world. Not to speak of it's capital city... but I want to explain something about Tokyo.

There are over 13,000,000 people still living in this city, including myself.
Here, people are working, kids go to school, we're shopping at supermarkets. But it doesn't mean that we're unaware of radioactive substances. Indeed, we know that our environment has changed since that day.

We are 250km away from the plant, which means we're not irrelevant. Our radiation is measured and announced everyday on the Internet. We're monitoring it's movement. Following data are from Tokyo central area.

Date Air
Reservoir 131I
Tap Water 131I
3/280.111Not Detected9.82
3/270.116Not Detected19.7
3/260.1223437.2 *peak
3/240.138 7925.6
3/230.144 *peak19025.8Rain
3/220.128 210 *peak18.7Rain
3/210.113 No Data5.25Rain
3/200.0453No Data2.93
3/190.0469No Data2.85
3/180.0485No Data1.47
0.028~0.079Not DetectedNot Detected

You can't just compare these numbers, because they're all coming from different data sources, and I omitted the data for 134Cs and 137Cs. It's not for the accuracy, but to see the tendency.

It's clear that the radiation in the air increases accordingly with the rain (rather than winds). Also the water at reservoir, was highly contaminated when it rained. Then few days after that, tap water showed it's peak. So we can estimate that there are possible time difference between reservoir and tap.

Here are the questions:
Can we tolerate this amount of radiation? -- Yes.
Can we still live in Tokyo? -- Yes.
Are we happy with this? -- No.

Well, it's really difficult to say how "safe" it is, because safety always depends on what to compare. Long time ago during World War II, we had 2 atomic bombs and people in Hiroshima and Nagasaki went through radiation. It's somehow ironic that in time of peace, we have radiation again from our own technology.

I'm the one who was really scared with this accident. I still have lots of anxiety. But I'm still here. So if you're living outside of Japan, please don't get scared too much. I bet you're safe. And if you are still concerned, you can study about clean energies like geothermal and tidal power. Please discuss openly about these possibilities with your friends and family.
So we can dream of better future.

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About the nuclear plant

As everyone knows already, our nuclear plant is still in serious situation. Within a week from the earthquake, four of the reactors had big explosions, and now they are causing dangerous radiation leak.

Fukushima nuclear plant was well prepared with redundant backup cooling systems. Not to mention the ability to stop nuclear reactions immediately, even with the unpredictable M9.0 earthquake. (We had good reasons to be confident about our nuclear safety)

They've built a big bank, which can stand against tsunami as high as 7m. But no one ever imagined that there could be 10m high tsunami. Fukushima nuclear complex had bunch of emergency diesel generators, even a huge tank to store the fuel, but all these things were washed away.

Since the nuclear reactors have been automatically stopped, the controllers completely lost the electricity source. All the high-tech safety systems suddenly turned out to be useless.

At first, not so many people were aware of probable hydrogen explosions. Every possible treatment was postponed until the moment when situation got irreversibly bad. Our final solution was to pump sea water in, which also meant to abandon the reactors, but all these important decisions were delayed.

Now we're seeing what kind of disasters can happen at nuclear plant without control. Those blasted buildings, partial melt downs, damaged reactor containers, huge amount of radiation leak threatening people's health... and it's still going on.

There are many courageous people at Fukushima nuclear plant pumping the sea water into reactors. Due to high radiation, each person can work only several minutes at a time, and they know they're risking their own lives.

I grew up in Tokyo. My life was always surrounded by electricity and high-tech products. I'm very thankful to all these practical inventions, but now we've learned that the result of our luxurious life can be a disaster.

Hoping someday, we can develop safe, clean, and efficient power source.

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About the earthquake

First, I really appreciate all your concerns regarding series of earthquakes in Japan.

It happened 3 days ago (Mar.11th) in the afternoon, suddenly it started to shake. Although we're all used to earthquakes, this time I thought it was totally different. In Tokyo, it was not a strong one (because I could stand up and walk), but it lasted very long. I went out on the street and saw the electricity poles swinging roughly.

Soon after, we had series of similar earthquakes. I was with my mother, we turned on TV, and found out that the northern pacific coast of Japan was about to be devoured by tsunami. We saw the live images from helicopters. The houses, cars, roads, and fields, are all washed away right in front of our eyes.

I tried to call my father in the office, but phones were all out due to emergency. Then all the metros and trains are suspended. All the flights were cancelled too. And in the meantime, we had aftershocks time to time.

It was fortunate at least in Tokyo, we could use electricity and Internet. I received Skype call from Europe and Russia. Sometimes it's easier to communicate foreign countries than calling my own father in Tokyo!
(He came back home late in the midnight)

Besides tsunami, we had another serious problem with nuclear power plant 250km north from Tokyo. They immediately stopped the nuclear reactor, but all the water cooling systems were down. On the next day, one of the reactor's building exploded due to excessive hydrogen, which was really awful... Thank God the metal container inside was intact at that moment.

Regarding all these, I must admit that we're in difficult situation. But all the people are trying their best, including international support from all over the world. We've received lots of warm messages which is encouraging us a lot.

Thank you so much for your prayers.

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